Excellence Installation Technology and NLP for Sportspersons

Olympic athletes attributes … “Mental readiness as a predictor of success”. Excellence Installation Technology and NLP, inter alia, helps a sportsperson or a coach to understand how the athlete thinks and how to help the athlete change the way they think, giving them the tools to achieve their aims and goals whether it is to win gold at any top tournament or local level league- the NLP/EIT enables them to make these changes quickly.

Physical Skill is important in sport, but bodies do not compete, people compete- with their body, mind and emotions. It is the mind game that can give you:

  • Ways of thinking that make your physical practices easier and more effective
  • Ways of thinking that put you in the ‘flow state’, that ‘zone’ where everything goes right
  • Ways of thinking that stops you from being nervous and distracted
  • Ways of thinking that help you learn more quickly and enjoy your sport more fully.

In brief there are five categories of mental skills which decide success and excellence in any sports.

I. Neurologically supported Goals Setting: As a player YOU need know what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. The art of setting goals gives you direction and focus, both short term and long term.
II. Mental Rehearsal Techniques: Anything we do in the outside world must first happen in the inside world of our mind.
III. Concentration and Focus: Skills to concentrate, to focus and pay attention in the present moment, that is, to be in flow state and enjoy the game.
IV. Ability to deal with distractions and anxiety
V. Ability to learn from success & failure: As a sportsperson you need to deal with your success and failure. As a sportsperson success you want to duplicate and failure you want to avoid.


What are Excellence Installation Technology and NLP?

Excellence Installation Technology ( EIT) and Neuro-Linguistics Programming(NLP) are ‘satellite’ and premium technologies for achieving personal freedom and personal excellence.

Antano Solar John ( Co-Creator of EIT) describes Excellence Installation Technology in following words:

“ EIT is the Flying Vehicle in the space of Personal Excellence. The technology allows for an individual to improve behaviours, traits and their core nature in weeks and months instead of years and decades. The process of installation (new behaviour) is quick and almost instantaneous. The results of such change – compound with time because of the foresight in solving the right problem and designing an accurate solution.”

Neuro-Linguistics Programming( NLP) created by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder is widely accepted as new technology of achievement and personal freedom.

“NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems…it has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.”
– TIME Magazine


Different phases and various incidents of your life have left unwanted Unconscious Patterns and you find yourself in emotionally stuck state or find yourself reacting to different situations. NLP is a systematic proven approach to get you unstuck from everything holding you back through educating your neurology at ‘structure’ and ‘state’ levels. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about understanding both how we human beings create meaning in life and the behaviour we engage in as result of that created meaning. Broadly stated, NLP’s objective is to increase choices. NLP enables you to access the internal resources that are appropriate and necessary to make the desired choice and
have the desired experience. Excellence Installation Technology and NLP helps any sportsperson to acquire following skills and ability of successful athletes!!

NLP4Happiness Packages:

We have the short-term package, middle term( 6 months) and extremely powerful long-term Life Transformation Package( one year or more) to suit your diverse needs. NLP4Happiness Life Transformation Package helps you to overcome your problems and transform your life through its four- pronged approach executed through its personal change sessions.

FIRST: We help you to get rid of your problems like concentration issues, anxiety, and fear, negative self- talk, confidence etc and install a supportive neurology
SECOND: Installation of missing capabilities like “Enhanced Filter”, Dissociation, on-demand State Shift.
THIRD:  We help you to create compelling goals
FOURTH: We help you develop your own propulsion system to put your success on auto-pilot.

Moreover, you get all these changes with following special features

Salient features of nlp4happiness personal change sessions

  1. Start experiencing change very quickly- Just in five to ten sessions
  2. Result is achieved without the need for elaborate ‘content’ sharing
  3.  Lasting changes
  4. Not just problems are solved but life takes another positive trajectory
  5. It is relaxing, fun-filled, energizing, transformational and empowering.


Excellence Installation Technology & NLP Transforming lives of Sportspersons!

Vedanshu Dahiya is a class 8th student at Rohtak Haryana. His father runs a Badminton Academy in Rohtak. He loves Robotics and also likes to play Badminton. It was not a surprise to us to know that his father wanted him to do well in Badminton also.

When NLP4Happiness team met Vedanshu in June-July 2017, we were surprised to see that his face doesn’t reflect the joy or cheerfulness of a 13 years old boy. He looked like a child under pressure and perhaps mature than his age.

In the context of his Badminton Game, he shared with us that he plays well in his Academy but for some reason whenever he goes out he loses the match even before entering the court. This happens even when the opponent is not better than him skill-wise.  That was the reason, why he could not win even a single tournament outside his academy, until that time. He wanted our help in resolving the problem.
Based on this need, required interventions were made on him. Another intervention was made on him in the first week of November 2017 for his problem of performing badly at top pressure situations in a game.

The transformation that occurred in Vedanshu!!

There was the 180-degree change in his facial expression when we met him in Nov 2017. He face was looking cheerful and was glowing like the 13-year- old joyful child. His mother was extremely happy with this transformation in his child. In terms of improvement in his games, below is his brief testimonial:

“I used to get extremely nervous whenever I used to play tournament outside my academy. My leg used to shake as I entered the court. I used to lose the match even before entering the court even if the opponent was not that strong.
After the EIT/NLP intervention, my fear of playing a match in a tournament outside my academy has gone fully. Now, I do not feel any pressure in entering in court in a tournament outside my Academy.
My confidence increased tremendously and due to this, I started performing well in tournaments. Recently, a tournament called BORN TO PlAY was organized in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh and I won a Bronze medal for the first time in any tournament outside my Academy.

Although my fear related to playing matches in outside tournaments had gone completely, still I used to get nervous during pressure points in the game. Therefore, next EIT/NLP intervention was made regarding this problem.
After this intervention, I played another tournament on 8th November 2017 at Sonepat. Although I could not win a trophy in the match, I also did not feel any pressure during the pressure situations in the game.

I believe with all these changes in me, in coming tournaments, I am going to win more trophies and accolades for me. “