“Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless”

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to personal change and attainment of greater success and excellence in one’s life. The fear of uncertainty and unknown are the most common reasons for people for not taking massive action in their lives. What will happen, if I …….? What other people will say or do if I ……? And you continue to adjust in your relationships, your jobs and your other mental and physical situations. Consequence all this is very serious and even fatal. The following metaphor aptly captures the cost of fear.
A frog landed in a big pool of water oblivious of the fact that it was in the process of boiling. He rejoiced having found the new pool. However, soon he realized a little discomfort due to rising of the temperature. The frog decided to adjust thinking that the temperature will not increase any further. However, the temperature kept on increasing. Several times, a part of him felt like escaping from the pool but the other part convinced him to stay in the ‘comfort’ of the pool through further self-correction. The more the frog adjusted, the more it became difficult for him to jump out of the pool to search a new destination. The process of prolonged correction kept on sucking his energy. Hence, when a time came when the frog could no longer adjust to the increasing temperature, it decided to jump out but he couldn’t and died in the pool itself.
This is what many of us continue to do with our lives. The outcome of fear is innumerable including loss of many years of productive lives, low productivity & efficiency, anxiety, stress and adverse impact on the physical and mental well being.
However, the good news is most of the fear can be overcome easily. Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP says, “ …You learned to be afraid of being abandoned. You learned to fear authority. You learned your phobias. You learned to fear what other people are thinking about you, or of flying or riding in an elevator. … Fear and all its associated problems is a learned response.”
Since most of our fears & phobias are learned, you can effectively unlearn them also through advanced technologies like NLP.
Step out of the ‘comfort’ of fear and enjoy happiness, freedom, success, and excellence!!