Online NLP One-on-One Sessions:

COVID crisis has forced a lifestyle change among people. Suddenly, the people are expected to forgo their style which they have seen and learned since their birth. This is leaving people disoriented and is causing stress, fear, depression, and anxiety. All these have serious consequences for one’s overall health and well-being. In this context, the immensely effective NLP sessions become valuable for you as you can get rid of your painful and limiting problems sitting in the comfort of your home or office. These sessions are also useful for Corporate Leaders and professionals who are experiencing stress due to existing uncertainties, isolation, and pressure of their work.

These sessions will personally be conducted by Mr. Subodh Jha, #1Bestseller Author, Pioneer of Advanced Mental Training for Athletes in India, and NLP Life Coach.

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Subodh Jha

Subodh Jha is a #1Bestseller Author and NLP Life Coach. He is a pioneer of Advanced Mental Training for Athletes in India. He is known for effecting magical changes among people by helping them to get rid of their problems and bringing an amazing transformation in their life.

His book “ Mental Rewiring for Sports Excellence: Practical Guide to Peak Performance in Sports”( available on Amazon: ) is considered as a must-read guide for achieving peak performance not only in sports but in any setting: music, education, acting, or speaking. Ms. Suzi Smith, USA based renowned NLP International Trainer says, “This book, Mental Rewiring for Sports Excellence: Practical Guide to Peak Performance in Sports, written by Subodh Jha should be a “must-read” for anyone interested in creating peak performance in themselves or in others- especially in sports. As I reviewed the book, it occurred to me that anyone who is in performance in any area would benefit by the ideas presented here.”

Subodh Jha NLP sessions, Inter alia, have helped some of the athletes to win National Level events and World Championships.