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September 5, 2017


How to start moving in life? The simple answer is, “Just ask for the help and you will get it”. One of the barriers to personal change is trying to find a solution of the problem at the same logical level at which the problem was created in the first place.Albert Einstein once said that , “ Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

Many people keep on thinking whether or not they have a problem, or should they ask for help from somewhere and so on …. And they continue to lose precious time in this process. Richard Bandler, the Co-Creator of NLP says that, “ the greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t but in the things you’ve never considered doing”.

Just ask for help and you will get it. Asking for your way to happiness, success and excellence is like asking your angels to fulfill your wishes.
There is a beautiful story of a man, who accidentally found Kalpavriksha (wish-fulfillment tree) in a forest. He was feeling very hungry.
He said, “I am feeling hungry, but I don’t see any hotel anywhere, any restaurant, nothing. I don’t see even a single man. But I am feeling very hungry, if I could get some good food… Immediately beautiful women appeared from nowhere with all kinds of sweets and delicious foods. He was so hungry that he did not pay attention to where all these things were coming from. He started eating, feeling perfectly well. Similarly, several of his dreams got fulfilled. After a short time when he became refreshed. He thought, my God, there is nobody here who has brought the food, and I have not said to anybody; I just asked for it! He thought there must be ghosts around.” and immediately ghosts appeared, because whatever you would say… The moment he saw the skeletons of ghosts dancing all around, he said, “My god, they are going to kill me” — and they killed him. The man never came back.
So the caution is, do not ask for anything negative in your life. There are people who keep on saying that there cannot change…nothing positive can happen to their life…they can never become well. And that is exactly what happens to their life.
Hence, ask your way to success, happiness and excellence and it will be granted. Positive change comes to those who ask for it… This is the first step towards moving in life.

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