I think the biggest problem facing athletes today is the lack of good mental preparation.

-- Sylvia Bernier – Olympic Diving Gold Medallist

This is the story of John and Stephen, two athletes, having completely equal talent, physical attributes and fitness. Both are running together to win a marathon. Despite the close similarity between them, there is one big difference. Stephen has a number of stones tide on both of his legs that continues to make his running difficult whereas legs of John are completely free. In this scenario, it is easy to guess the winner, that too, even before the start of the race. You can also guess if these stones continue to be tied around Stephen, what is going to be the fate of his sports career. But can you guess the performances of these athletes if these stones were invisible?

Lack of mental skills like neurologically aligned goal setting and mental barriers like anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration or low confidence works like ‘stones’ tied on the legs of a sportsperson leading to under and inconsistent performance. JUST IMAGINE if you can take your performance in your sports to an entirely new level! JUST IMAGINE if you can get MUCH MORE out of your practice!! To know more about the importance of mental training for your game read the blog. To assess your mental training needs in your sports and to how it can help YOU to enhance your performance, use our valuable online FREE tool

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