About Us

NLP4Happiness is led by a team of experienced NLP Master Practitioners mentored by Antano & Harini of School of Excellence. Both Antano and Harini have been directly trained by Dr. John Grinder, Co-Creator of NLP. They are founder of most authentic & effective institution of NLP in India, that is, School of Excellence.

Circle of Excellence - The Founders of NLP4Happiness with their Mentor Antano Solar John & with a team of Excellence Installation Specialists.

Excellence Installations For Teachers

The Founders of NLP4Happiness :

Subodh Jha

Subodh Jha is Excellence Installation Specialist & NLP Mental Training Coach for Sportspersons. He is a Certified Performance and Competency Developer and Training Expert involved in the work of personal change and excellence for last 20 years. After noting the complete lack of awareness among the majority of sportsperson regarding their mental training needs he initiated and developed programmes for bringing best elements of most advanced personal excellence technologies for the mental training of athletes. 

He has been working to help individuals to get personal freedom and find direction in their life so that they can enjoy even more happiness and success in their lives.

Rajesh Khyalia

Rajesh Khyalia (Hon.) is an NLP Master Practitioner, Excellence Installation Specialist, and an accomplished Social Entrepreneur.

He epitomizes the art of converting intangible inspirations to concrete results. As an NLP Master Practitioner & Coach, he has been getting amazing results in helping people to get over their phobia/fear, stress and depression and gaining self-confidence.