Client Testimonials


IIT Topper Experience

I scored 8th all India Rank in IIT Chennai (Development Studies Exam) and 2nd rank in TISS exam in 2017. I do not think the result could have been possible without NLP intervention that helped me in removing my internal confusion and enabled me to be in peak state during my studies and examination.


Overcoming Stammering

I used to stammer a lot if I had to ask a question in my class, or speak on stage or when I was meeting a new person. My throat used to get chocked. However, immediately after the intervention I could feel that the feeling of chocking was completely gone and I could speak more fluently. NLP4Happiness has enabled me to speak fluently and with confidence to different people

Maya Devi

Overcoming Negativity and Anxiety to live Jubilant life again

My son has been bed ridden for so long. Recently my husband suffered from a heart attack. And we are only three in my home. This all made me extremely nervous. I was in perpetual anxiety that how I am going to handle all these. … However, after NLP intervention, I am feeling extremely calm and now these negative thoughts are not even coming in my mind.


Curing Insomnia

It was a great experience. I used to get scared at night, speak, run but now I have sound sleep. I have become more confident and a chilled out person. This process [NLP intervention] is worth getting done.


Recovery from broken Spinal Cord

In 2011, I met a severe accident while diving in a swimming pool. My spinal cord suffered a huge damage. Since then I am on my bed. Progress was very slow till I met experts form NLP4Happiness about two months back. Within this period, there has been a huge change in me (Jameen Asmaan Ka Fark Hai). Even my physiotherapist is surprised with these rapid changes in me. The NLP intervention has regenerated hope in me of my full recovery. I am thankful to the experts of NLP4Happiness.


Excellence in Studies without Stress

I used to dislike the subject of history, but soon after intervention done by experts of NLP4Happiness, I started finding the subject fascinating… now I feel that an inner power supports me in this subject. I have now topped my class in History. Similarly, in the context of English I developed a sudden interest in the subject soon after the intervention. The next day after the NLP change work I continued to study English for four and half hours with full interest. … In terms of other benefits, I found that time period after Excellence Installation intervention has been the most de-stressed period of my life and I feel more confident now…. Excellence Installations interventions are truly resulting oriented.

Anubhav Kundu

Level up the Concentration

NLP is a great thing I never heard about before ....the consequences after going through the process is unbelievable.But as you went through you wouldn't believe that something is pushing you to a change within yourself. NLP is a self doctor or more than a doctor or a professor which trains you for better future or all round development yourself. And these are words which are less. This is a boon to humankind. After NLP intervention I am doing well in my studies. My interest in different subjects haves increased and I now feel now more involved in my studies. My concentration and focus levels in the classroom and at home during studies has increased more than I expected. I am doing my work faster than earlier. I am thankful to NLP4Happiness team for their support in my studies.

Rahul, Age 33

Magical relief from chronic pain and sleeplessness

…MAGIC CONTINUES…: Five years of severe pain and sleeplessness gone in 10 sessions!! …And the Magic continues at NLP4Happiness. This client’s life took an almost 180-degree turn in just 10 sessions( less than 2 months)! He was diagnosed with an incurable condition called as Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Today, his life has taken a nice positive trajectory as he has started taking interest in all aspects of his life including day to day work and relationship. Below is the testimonial of Mr. Rahul Panu(name changed), a 30 years old law graduate from Hissar, Haryana. This testimonial is taken from his recent video interview with me. Testimonial of Mr. Rahul Panu: Around 2012 number of cysts started forming in my body. One of the cysts under my armpit was of a tennis ball size. I used to have 24 hours severe pain in my body. My professional and personal life got totally disturbed. I was not even able to do my daily work. My condition was so bad that mother had to help me to take bath. I could not sleep for two to three days in a row. My body wanted to sleep but I could not sleep. I was taking painkillers. But when the effect of painkillers used to get over pain returned to me with double intensity. I had lost all interest in my life. I used to keep lying on sofa or bed doing nothing but watching TV. I had almost stopped interaction with my friends. The doctors gave me painkillers and three surgeries were conducted. But there was no relief. Someone suggested me to visit PGI Chandigarh (Super specialty Hospital) for treatment. They diagnosed my condition as a Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It is considered a lifelong disease. When I re-visited PGI, Chandigarh in the month of July 2017, a relative of mine suggested me to contact one person who may have some solution for me. Here, I met my saviour Subodh Jha (NLP Master Practitioner, NLP4Happiness). When I visited him I was in doubt whether I would get any relief at all. However, when the intervention started I could see a clear change in me. After each session, I found myself full of energy. My pain used to get either reduced or completely gone after the sessions. There has been a big improvement in my sleep. After first session itself, I started getting good sleep. My pain, which used to be 8-9 on the scale of 10 reduced to 1-2( 80 percent reduction in pain). Even this little pain used to either reduce further or go away after a sit for a while. I could do my work for the whole day. I started having nice sleep for 7-8 hours each day. Emotionally, I am much better now. Positivity is one of the biggest gains from NLP4Happiness sessions. I am finding a mental, physical and spiritual congruence in me. I am feeling inner happiness. I have stopped watching TV after NLP sessions. Now again I have become active in my day to day life. My concentration and focus have increased. I have become more observant towards things. I can say something like beauty has entered in my life, which was not in me before or left me long back. Anyone who wants help in his life, mental or physical should just go for NLP sessions. Come here with trust and you will see change within hours. I have seen changes in myself not by days but by hours in fact after the first hour itself.


Boost Confidence

I had acute stage fear and lack of self confidence. Just one session NLP intervention brought a drastic change in my life. The next day I could go on my school stage and delivered a speech. I now feel more confident…. Further, due to lack of confidence I was not able to take admission in a course on “Remote sensing”, which could be very important for my career growth. But now I have decided to go to Delhi and take admission in the course.

Neha, Age 33

Self Conscious to Super Confident Woman

I worked in a govt. Office on contract basis and thus was economically independent. However, I never felt confident about anything in my life. When in the office I used to think about my colleagues what they would be thinking about me even when I made a minor mistake. I used to feel that every other in the office was more competent than me. … However, with NLP intervention things drastically changed. The next day when I went to the office, I felt confidence emerging out of me, my responses were quite different. I was not at all worried about the response of my colleagues. I was feeling completely calm and in full control of myself. …. I was thinking inside… why I delayed taking help from NLP4Happiness… I will recommend NLP4Happiness to all persons who are in similar condition as once I was.


Words From Principal of Renowned School

My life changed after NLP/EIT sessions. My confidence has increased manifold and I have become more positive. My relationship with myself improved and I am much at ease with myself. I am now able to do my job more effectively and I have started getting a very good response from teachers, students and parents. …All this happened automatically after EIT/NLP sessions.